Strategic Project Portfolio Management
Benefits Realisation Management
Project Portfolio Management

The market is saturated of several software for PPM – Project Portfolio Management, but a few packages will take teams from Strategy to Portfolio/Projects, combined to operations, process improvement and actual benefit realization.

There are some papers published regarding SPM – Strategic Portfolio Management, but that would be a subset of what we could call as PPM version 2.0, or S-PPM (Strategic Project Portfolio Management).

S-PPM is aligned to BRM – Benefits Realization Management (which is a strong approach to align projects, programs and portfolios to the company´s strategy).

It is true that some PMO (Project Management Offices) put a lot of effort into creating a strategic portfolio for a company and that is very helpful to increase the benefit realization of such projects that earn status and C-level support.

It is important to perceive that S-PPM is not just about developing a portfolio of strategic projects but getting teams of all projects in the company to better understand the company´s strategies and priorities, thus increasing the benefit realization opportunities found in those projects that were not previously classified as strategic.

It is also important to perceive that S-PPM is also about assisting companies into developing processes that will bring daily operations into supporting project initiatives.

A S-PPM system will:

  1. Empower BRM (Benefits Realization Management)
  2. Manage portfolios of projects (not just a portfolio of strategic projects)
  3. Integrate strategy to projects, portfolios, processes and operations
  4. Stablish workflows
  5. Manage corporate and project risks
  6. Integrate best practices of project/portfolio management to business needs
  7. Support business process modeling
  8. Optimize the use of shared resources across project initiatives and operations
  9. Improve company´s internal communication
  10. Establish benefits ownership and accountability
  11. Improve Sponsorship opportunities
  12. Manage Action Plans for multiple levels of initiatives, including process improvements



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